People asked her not to post the photo of her little son online

Every hour, terrible comments demanded that Natasha stop posting pictures of her one-year-old child on social media.

She doesn’t care, and she keeps posting pictures of Raedyn.

The American mother of two expressed her determination via TikTok. “He isn’t less of a person because of how he looks. He is fantastic.”

Raedyn was born with Pfeiffer syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes skull, face, and limb malformations.

Despite this, Natasha continues to share adorable photos of her infant on social media.

Unfortunately, people all over the world responded negatively to these posts.

On TikTok, a harsh comment was made “How satisfied is she with her life?” while an additional added, “Why did you force him to live this way?” You allowed him to endure such misery.”

Every time Natasha tells Raedyn in person or on the internet, she gets harsh responses from people.

I get approached by people who ask me, “What’s wrong with your child?” Or, “why does your child look like that?” “Is that how you talk to a person?” She explained.

Natasha stated that she does not understand why people feel compelled to criticize her son for his appearance.

She claimed that “He lives his life as any other young man would. he has a different appearance, but that does not diminish his character. He is deserving of life and respect, and he will fight for them until the end. “

She scolded those who aggressively confronted her son in public, stating that she was baffled by their decision to mistake him for Raedyn’s illness when she was just running errands.

She was right when she said that people should know that she is just a mother and that her child is still a baby. They don’t live their lives around his condition.

The fact that her son has a different appearance does not imply that he is only here to instruct the world. Repeating the same diagnosis and explaining your son’s health issues to different people is mentally and emotionally taxing.

They are merely a regular family. She hopes that the world will one day embrace people with disabilities rather than criticize them for their appearance or limitations.

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