Pregnant Mother Goes For A Visit And When Doctor Does The Ultrasound He Looks At The Screen And Leaves The Room In Silence

A young pregnant mother was enjoying her most beautiful days and desperately waiting to see her baby on ultrasound. But all this happiness would fade in a few minutes.

Being a parent is one of the greatest blessings God can give you. Emily Christine Fauver was desperately waiting to become a mother and take her angel in her arms.

Fauver went for an ultrasound with her husband when she was eight weeks old. After sitting on the bed for an examination he noticed on the screen a black and white figure. Your heart fills with joy.

For a few minutes, her happiness would fade because she noticed that what she was looking at on the screen was different from the images she had previously seen of her friends.

She said, “I saw nothing because my body was just hours away from miscarrying.”

The ultrasound machine was quiet and nothing was being heard. He was more worried when he saw the doctor who was silent. The husband told her that everything was fine but she realized it was not.

“But do not tell that to a girl who has seen hundreds of ultrasound photos, who has searched Instagram for the hashtag” 8weeks “to see what her baby now looked like.”

The news was confirmed because the doctor told him to leave and go home so that the body could do its job. When he was leaving he felt very bad and such a thing would carry his whole life.

The doctor could not tell her the news. “She did not tell me I was going to be reminded for weeks to come because my body was going to take that long to” cleanout. “She did not tell me I was going to have to watch my husband weep.”

Her body over the weeks was still not getting used to the idea that she was no longer pregnant.

She thought about how many women had been in her situation and had gone through it. She decided to tell everyone what had happened.

“They do not know if people will understand their emotional attachment to something that they never met. They do not want to be told it was their fault because they did this or that.”

In her family circle, there were other people who had had abortions and one who was not the only one. We wish them a baby soon.

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