Stray Dog ​​Went To A Shelter, But What Was Found Around His Neck Shocked Everyone

A Husky in Texas was brought to a shelter in such a bad condition that the workers thought of removing him immediately when they saw him. How he ended up in that condition is still unknown.

Atago, which is his name today, was in a very bad state of health and covered with myths.

Around his neck, the workers found a necklace that hid a terrible past. Did he have a family that was then forgotten and chained?

But Atago was tired and stood only on his knees due to fatigue and illness. It seemed that everything was going to end for him until Cindy Droogmans decided to save him.

As soon as they got him from the shelter, Cindy took him to a vet to get the health care he needed.

Dalengadale started the first changes in skin, hair, and growth.

In the end, he was with people who loved him and went out for walks very often. Unfortunately, this did not last long.

Atago did not live long because he had heartworm and developed a disseminated fungal infection {“Affecting the lumbosacral region causing urinary and fecal incontinence because that’s where the nerves to the area arise from.”)

“ATAGO was his name. He was loved and is loved. We will remember you. You are family. You are our boy and you will always be.” Cindy said.

We hope that he is now at peace over the rainbow bridge.

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