Watch The Transformation Of The Dog Helped By The Man Who Saved Her From Death

Rico one day when he was coming home from work saw a dog lying on the ground. The dog had many scars on its body and no hair.

She was a Siberian Husky puppy but she was in such bad shape that she didn’t look like one. Rico, seeing this situation, could not do anything.

He already had four dogs at home but felt an immediate connection with them. He decided to call her Hope because there was still a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

Rico was taken home and began his recovery. He bought her medicine to help her hair grow back and a lot of food to help him gain weight.

Over time, Hope began to look like a husky and this helped her regain her confidence.

You won’t believe how great it looks today.

Today Hope lives with Rico in his family in Bali and is enjoying life for the second time.

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