‘Tell the Truth’ His Alleged Look-Alike Son Wants Jay-Z To Do DNA Test, He Refuses

Jay-Z while having a son who is identical to him. The boy is trying to get the rapper to do a DNA test but he refuses.

Jay Z and Beyonce are one of the most influential couples in the whole world. They have built an empire together with their talent.

One of the scandals that surfaced is that a 21-year-old named Rymir Satterthwaite claims to be the son of Jay Z. His mother Wanda had dated the rapper before he became very famous in the 90s.

The Satterthwaite family said that when they took the case to court they did not think it would get that much attention.

According to the lawsuit the rapper and Wanda had been in a relationship in 1992. However, the court threw it out because Jay-Z and his lawyer reportedly cooked up false information in court.

Rymir’s mom told him she thinks the rap mogul fathered him when he was eight years old. While Rymir has been seeking recognition, Jay-Z is hell-bent on not accepting him as his son.

Rymir says his father is using the money and influence not to do the DNA test to prove paternity.

The judge believes that the boy’s father has been found and does not ask for a paternity test. It wasn’t resolved until a birth certificate revealed no other man registered as his father was submitted as evidence.

Robert Gravez turned out to be his father until 2011 but a DNA test showed the opposite. Jay-Z asked you to take the test but refused.

Speaking to Sun Online about it, Rymir, an aspiring musician, claimed he is being denied a fair hearing that he thinks is a right he should enjoy as a citizen of the country.

The boy says he does not want money from Jay-Z but just wants him to tell the whole world the truth.

Beyonce seems to have already begun to accept her husband’s past. Some people say that Jay Z refused to do paternity testing because he was afraid that Beyonce would leave him.

Her response to his cheating was an album with several songs based on a woman who realizes her lover is cheating. Jay-Z has said that he wasn’t surprised his wife chose that avenue to express her truth.

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