The 14-year-old prosecutor rapes and strangles 10-year-old Lily Peters in a macabre way

According to the autopsy, Lily Peters died from shortness of breath and from trauma caused by force. He had abused the girl before she died.

The teenager with the initials C.P-B was charged with first-degree murder for sexual assault against a person under 13 stealing causing serious injuries to the body.

He had taken the girl, had hit her hard in the stomach “essentially strangled her, hit her with a stick, before strangling her to the point of death, before he then sexually assaulted her,”

His intention from the beginning was to rape her and kill her in the forest where her body was found.

“He can not drive. He is not in a position to raise much money, frankly, at all on his own. He resides with his mother. He is a lifetime resident of Chippewa County,” lawyer Karl Schmidt said, per the broadcaster.

The boy will appear in court tomorrow. It is not known tomorrow he will be tried as an adult or as a minor. The suspect knew the victim very well.

A neighbor says “I grew up here all my life, never heard of anything like this,” he said. “It’s a scary situation when you know… we’re just inside the house… and it’s Sunday afternoon, we’re cleaning and making dinner and that’s going on a block away from our house and it’s scary.”

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