The answer given by the grandmother to the niece who was cheated by her husband is so special

Grandmothers are obviously very wise. The girl never wanted to understand what was hidden behind the words “Carrot, egg, or coffee”

One day a woman discovered that her boyfriend was betraying her. She needed to talk to someone and went straight to her grandmother. When he told her everything, his grandmother told him to accompany her to the kitchen.

There he took three bowls with which he boiled water. Then, she took a carrot, an egg, and some coffee beans and put them into separate pots.

The girl did not know what to do and why her grandmother was doing these actions but she told him to be patient.

He took the carrot and pulled it out of the water and asked the girl what the water did to the vegetables. The girl said the carrot softened. In the same way, boiled water hardened the egg and coffee beans were the only ones that changed the color of the water.

We must never let the situation touch us and lead us but we must manage the situation.

We do not let the situation affect us, but we do our best to change it the way it suits us best and elevate ourselves to another level.

That day the girl learned a very important lesson that she will never forget.

Which one are you? The carrot, the egg, or the coffee bean? Share with us your comments on Facebook.

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