The dog is found covered in bumps and it is revealed what is

All dogs need a warm home and food and lots of love, but sometimes they need people to make things go as they should.

When a beautiful lab and hound mix was spotted on the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa, no one could figure out what the strange bumps on her ears and around her eyes were.

Fortunately, an organization called CLAW took the situation in hand and took the dog to the hospital. What the vets discovered was shocking.

The dog named Belle was infested with blood-sucking ticks. They were especially bad around her ears and eyes. And the vet couldn’t remove them all at once or Belle would’ve lost a lot of blood.

Belle would need time to heal and the CLAW team decided what to do. They took Belle under their care, giving her the love and care she needed.

After a few days, something incredible happened. Her ticks disappeared.

After a few weeks, Belle was adopted and now she is getting the love she needs.

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