The Dog That Waits At The Mine Doors For His Dead Master

Almost three weeks after the explosion that killed 7 coal miners in Mexico, the dog of one of the victims goes daily to the place where his late owner passed away.

Gonzalo Cruz, 53, got the dog Cuchufletto six months ago and from the moment he was brought into the family, the dog accompanied Cruz every morning when he went to the mine.

“He ran away with my husband every morning. He even went into the mine with him. He was not afraid of the dark. In some cases, he would go outside and wait for her there,” said the victim’s wife, Sandra Briseno.

Usually, the dog came home when Cruz was working, but on several occasions when he saw that his master was late, he hurried to the mine. But everything changed on June 4, when the mine collapsed killing 7 people, including Cruz.

His wife said that Cuchufletto had realized that his master had not gone home and had gone to the mine himself. But there he found rescue workers.

The dog stayed near the mine for 2 days, until Cruz’s dead body was recovered. From the moment of his owner’s death, the dog spends days at the mine doors waiting for his master to return.

“Maybe you think my husband is alive. He turns around and comes back and sits down. One day he was crying and moaning as if he was in pain. It’s a pain I felt for the absence of my husband,” said Cruz’s widow.

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