A Dog With Head Tumor Is Given A Second Chance To Live By A Head Implant

The 3D printing implant technology saved this dog’s life. Bliss, a 2-year-old dog, was sent to the shelter by his family because of a tumor in his head.

Many people were touched by his story and thought about how they could help the dog.

Blis is a good and calm dog, but he has gone through a lot of suffering and physical and psychological damage.

Despite the problems, she is always optimistic and smiling.

From the examinations, it seems that Bliss is a healthy dog and his brain has not been affected by the tumor.

Elizabeth Hart contacted a veterinarian to find out if the dog would recover. He said that the tumor could be removed and a 33-printed porous polyethylene implant manufactured in Australia replaced part of her skull and facial bones.

Doctors worked to make the best implant to suit him. The operation will be done soon.

We hope that everything goes well.

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