This Dog Visits The Sick Old Lady Every Day For A Special Reason

Dogs are very special animals that seem to feel what someone is going through emotionally.

Jade is a service dog because her owner, Heath, has a fiancée who runs a home healthcare facility.

Jade met Mrs. Riddle who was receiving mental health treatment at the wellness center. The lady had a dog but lost it after her husband died.

Jade met Mrs. Riddle at her house where she gave her lots of toys and food to eat. Every time someone tells her that they are going to see Mrs. Riddle, she immediately gets excited.

Jade is very active and wants to be on the move all the time, but she is also very patient when it comes to Mrs. Riddle.

Dogs appear to have a sixth sense and provide us with unconditional love. What a wonderful dog, wish her the best!

God bless them both.

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