The family was sitting on a branch when they noticed a strange creature

At first, it looked like a creature that would not cause any harm and the children wanted to touch it.

Leslie Howe went to Gwinnett County Park with her baby and two other children. It was a beautiful sunny day and they decided to enjoy it. But her maternal instinct did not let the children touch the animal with fur.

This was a very smart move after they discovered how dangerous it was. The children had just escaped a poisonous bite.

The creature was actually a “well worm”. This is a special species because unlike ordinary caterpillars it secretes venom and can cause severe pain even when touched. When a person is bitten by this caterpillar, the result is disastrous: it causes severe nausea and excessive sweating.

Always be very careful when you go out in the park and in places where there may be such creatures. If you encounter this type of caterpillar, stay away from it and don’t let children touch it. Especially small children can be severely affected by the bite of this insect.

Children from North Carolina are reporting being bitten by this animal. Some have been touched while others have fallen from the tree to their bodies.

Share it as much as possible so that as many people as possible know it and their children are careful.

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