The little cat comes out with a special surprise

After saving this poor kitty from a dumpster, the rescuer finds out this cat is actually a rare treasure.

Abandoned animals are a phenomenon that we encounter a lot these days. There are some owners who are very cruel and do such a thing. They do not offer the love that the animal deserves.

A woman was passing by a garbage can when she heard a strange noise. When he stopped he saw that the noise was actually a meow. When he looked carefully he saw that it was a small cat.

The cat had a broken first paw and had gangrene. The woman took him with her and called him Martyr.

The woman had rescued other animals before, but what they didn’t know was that this cat was different from the others.

Unfortunately, the cat lost its paw, but the doctors helped it recover.

Being a calico cat, with a tri-color coat usually 25% to 75% white with large orange and black patches, everyone was convinced Martyr was female, and that’s because most calico cats are. However, Martyr was an exception. Being a male calico makes 1 in 3000.

This is due to the X chromosome within cats, which helps display orange and black fur in them.

Female cats, due to the double X chromosomes they have, get the colors typical for calico cats.

In order for a male cat to turn out calico, it must actually carry two X chromosomes in addition to a Y chromosome.

This is why Martyr is so special.

This beautiful cat of yours has grown up and has gone viral on the internet because of his story.

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