The woman does the unthinkable for her horse

A woman desperately tried to save her horse Astro because it was sinking into the mud.

Nicole Graham worked hard to keep her calm before the ocean got too close.

Astro weighed 900 lbs and was left in the mud in the afternoon in Australia.

Nicole’s daughter Paris had joined her on her ride and her horse got stuck. Nicole was able to free Paris’ horse but not the more giant horse Astro.

The horse was frightened at first and the efforts to free him sank even more. Nicole could only calm him down for now.

Nicole has 10 horses in her possession. The rescuers need three hours to rescue him.

“It was terrifying. It was also heartbreaking to see my horse exhausted and struggling,” Nicole said.

She added: “I’ve been riding here for 20 years and never had a drama. I’ve never seen any signs and didn’t realize it was so boggy.”

Fortunately, Astro currently only suffers from dehydration and some muscle soreness.

“A lot of horses don’t make it and I think without the owner there the chance of survival would have been a lot lower,” said Stacey Sullivan herself.

The thing that saved Astro was only Nicole who could keep him calm.

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