The woman dyes the dog’s hair red for an unimaginable reason

Many people are afraid that animals will steal from them. Many dogs that are a special breed are often the object of theft.

But a woman has made a decision to keep her dog safe. This was not received well by many people.

Chloe is the owner of a 2-year-old Great Pyrenees dog named Dandy, who has a very unique appearance: he has bright red fur, thanks to pet dye applied by his owner:

Her decision to paint the dog red caused some reactions. Many comments read “poor dog,” wondering if the coloring is healthy, while others have been won over by the dog’s unique looks, comparing him to the character Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Chloe says that the paint is vegan and does not cause any harm to the dog. She said part of the reason was to “keep him from getting stolen,” as the Great Pyrenees pup is a “rare breed in [her] area.”

Chloe also wrote that Dan seems to enjoy his new shade, as he “loves people and kids” and the red dye apparently makes the dog “more approachable.”

She also said she wanted to “educate others on safe pet dye practices,” and in other videos instructs followers how to dye their own dogs.

People say that Dandy seems to be a happy dog and doesn’t understand what the difference is in the color and that the owner has the right to do whatever he wants with his dog.

Chloe wrote that he “needs a touch-up,” and said that he would be “red soon,” and it’s unclear what color Dandy is currently.

But a notable number of the comments urged her not to re-dye the dog, preferring Dandy in his “true colors.”

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