They Adopted Joy, A Pit Bull, From An Animal Shelter. Everyone is left speechless by his action

A family from Minnesota thought they should take a dog to an animal shelter. When they went there, they really liked a Pitbull and decided to make it part of the family. They name her Joy.

Joy got along well with the whole family, especially Emily and Jonas.

All three slept in the same bed. One day, the little boy of the Jonas family wanted to take a bath and informed the family.

The family was standing outside when they suddenly heard noises. Nena ran immediately and heard Joy barking uncontrollably.

 She saw her boy Jonas unconscious in the bathtub and the dog trying to save him.

After a heart attack, Jonnas passed out and the dog knew something wasn’t going well. Joy opened the bathroom door and rushed inside the bathtub to save Jonas and pull him out.

The mother dialed 911 and the ambulance rushed to their home and was able to save his life. Jonas is alive today and his best friend is still Joy.

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