Why you should never kill a centipede in your home

Many people are very afraid of insects. There are even people who have phobias. Often times we come across an insect in the closet or on the floor and want to kill it immediately.

But this is not always the right thing because some of them can be harmful to health from the chemicals they release.

Insects for many people are scary and very harmful creatures. One of the most widespread phobias in the world is the phobia of insects. They multiply very quickly and in large quantities.

They usually live in more humid and dirty environments. Most insects have a not-at-pleasant and terrifying appearance. That’s why many people want to eliminate them as soon as they see them near them.

If you see a centipede in your house, do not kill it. These insects are very useful for your home. They protect the house from small and harmful insects. They also remove bedbugs, cockroaches, ants, etc. from your home.

These insects remove other insects from your home, but this does not mean that you should let the house be filled with them.

These insects feed on plants, so you can feed them if you want. Another insect that should not be crushed is a spider. Spiders are usually the scariest insects and when crushed they release a lot of spiders.

Fire ants are also dangerous because they sting. They cause bites on the skin which will hurt for several days. Even in many people, these bites cause allergies.

The trypanosome cruzi parasite is a special insect that bites the victim’s lip and causes pain by releasing the victim’s poison. Deadly wasps also cause the death of individuals after their sting. In the African continent, some other insects known as Tsetse flies grow. These flies take the lives of around 500,000 individuals every year. Mosquitoes are also the cause of dangerous diseases such as malaria. They can become a source of infections because they carry the blood of different organisms.

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