They Promised Each Other That They Would Get Married In Preschool, You Will Not Believe Where They Are Today

People never know when the love of their life will come. It all starts with more ambiguity and without it, a sense of security of trust, and happiness is created. Everything is arranged only around the one you love.

Erin Adams and Annie Patel met at the age of three in preschool and formed a very strong friendship. Everyone who watched them looked very special.

When they grew up they went to different schools. For this reason, they had no communication with each other. But fate had reserved for them something else.

Their rule began 25 years ago. They immediately became close friends. They started to be friends in the game and became inseparable from each other. The parents did not think their company would last. After all, they were just kids.

They joined in the eighth grade. When they were seen it seemed as if their friendship had been in the same place as before. Thus they became closer to each other.

The two were so close to each other that Erin thought of proposing to her in front of the class. Everyone laughed and did not take it seriously thinking it is a page that will pass.

Until they closed the school they continued to be close friends. Still, they did everything together, including adding more friends into their cycle, engaging in the same extracurricular activities, and planning their birthday parties.

It was time to move on to high school. They went to different schools because of their location. Life went on but they kept in touch again.

When Annie told her close friend Lizzy the story with Erin she made a plan to join them. They had distanced themselves and had not had contact for two years.

 wasn’t sure if she should have a boyfriend at the time. Annie’s friend, despite her worries, had a good feeling about her two friends meeting again. She went ahead and handed Erin his old bestie’s phone number, and she didn’t see his reaction coming… at all.

The plan was successful. The couple reunited and it seemed like they had not gone through any separate moments.

They separated again because they went to different colleges but their relationship continued. Erin proposed to them at the playground where they had met for the first time.

Annie was taken aback. “Oh my god, is this happening?” I said. ‘This is wonderful,’ I thought when I saw the ring. I’m delighted with it. ’She told Today,“ I had no idea. ” But, of course, she responded with a resounding “YES!”

Their wedding day was very beautiful because they had the opportunity to share their love story with the guests.

“Our favorite part of the wedding was the dancing and having everyone we love there to celebrate with us.” “We tore it up on the dance floor, and it was fantastic to be surrounded by everyone who helped us come together and played a part in our journey up to this point,” they continued.

Annie and Erin have their hands full with their new home, puppy, and full-time work schedule. But that does not rule out the possibility of having a child. A baby could be on the way in the not-too-distant future.

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