Thousand People Donate $ 1.6 Million To Men With a disability who served 43 years in prison unjustly

A man unjustly accused of killing three people has been released from the Missouri penitentiary after 43 years.

The law stipulates that DNA analysis for traces at the crime scene is the only thing that can save a man from prison. If he is found not guilty then he receives $ 50 a day for unfair imprisonment. This did not happen to Kevin Strickland. People set up a GoFundMe that raised $ 1.65 million from strangers.

Strickland was imprisoned in 1979 where he remained innocent for 40 years. He was charged with the murder of three people and an eyewitness Cynthia Douglas was pressured by the police to tell that the killer was him.

He testified that at that moment he was watching TV and that no evidence had anything to do with the crime.

Ms.Doglas later asked to change her testimony but died before doing it. Her children say the biggest wish she had was for Strickland to be released seeking a random review.

All the people who donated, the least, to the one who donated the most have given support messages.

What this man needs today is as much emotional support as possible. Spending 43 years in prison when you are innocent is to spend your whole life locked up and start at 0. This is even more difficult especially when you are in a wheelchair. We all wish his life to be easier from now on thanks to the money he donated to you.

However, the word “Money can’t buy happiness” is also true and the missing freedom will accompany him throughout his remaining life.

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