To save the mother’s life, the puppy jumps in front of the snake

Paula Godwin, a resident of Arizona, was walking her dogs when she noticed something strange.

It was a rattlesnake and he was about to bite it because he thought Paula would step on it.

Without wasting a single moment, her golden retriever came in front of the dog and did not allow it to bite her.

The snake lunged and bit Todd on the muzzle instead, saving Godwin from a very painful and venomous bite.

“He jumped right in front of my leg where I surely would have gotten bit,” Godwin said on Facebook. “This is what a hero looks like.”

Todd was in pain and his face began to swell, Paula immediately took him to the hospital after the incident. The vet gave him an antivenom and monitored him all day.

She succeeded. While rattlesnakes don’t bite unless they feel threatened, and their bite is rarely fatal to adult humans, their venom can be very painful and cause blurred vision, numbness, pain, and difficulty breathing.

After a few days of rest, Todd is back on his feet and his daily activities, He only has a black mark near his nose.

For his bravery and devotion, Todd’s gotten well wishes from all over the world — and it’s safe to say he’ll likely be getting extra treats from now on.

“My sweet Todd for sure is my hero,” Godwin said. “He is recovering so well. I must say that the man upstairs is watching out for me, too.”

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