A diver was swimming in the waters of Hawaii when a dolphin approached and asked for his immediate help.

Two divers were swimming in the waters of Hawaii when suddenly two dolphins approached them. One of them came so close that it seemed as if he was asking for help. Then they realized what was really happening.

The divers found a fishing line and hook embedded in her flipper that prevented her from swimming effortlessly and also probably triggered a lot of pain.

He carefully got rid of the hook, however, his work had not been done. The fishing line was still tangled around her fin.

A very good thing was that one of the divers had scissors and managed to set the dolphin completely free. In the end, he started to move by swimming freely.

It is unbelievable how smart these creatures are. She swam completely to this diver to request assistance as well as was so participating while he was disentangling her. She even gazed back at him prior to swimming away as if she was stating ‘thank you.’

The video was captured by one of the divers.

This vital work has given Laros the chance to totally free several mantas as well as sea turtles from angling lines throughout his profession (and clarifies why he had scissors). But this was the first time the diver/instructor had come close to a dolphin in need of help.

Thankfully, this moving encounter was photographed, where it is considering that it has been watched numerous times.

We invite you to watch the video below

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