Was wrongly diagnosed with another disease, the famous actress reveals that she has a tumor!

In a recent interview for “CBS”, the famous actress talked about her life away from the stage and acting, but mostly away from the public eye and the questions of hundreds of journalists.

In 2001 she faced a cerebral hemorrhage from which the chance of surviving was only 5%. The 59-year-old has revealed that her entire life and memories were erased as she had to learn everything from scratch.

“At the time of the impact, I thought I was dead. Everything went out and I was alone in the middle of the light. After the bleeding eased I had to learn everything from the beginning. How to talk, walk, count and have to get reacquainted with all the people in my life. I was paralyzed” – said the famous actress in this shocking interview.

This disease completely changed the course of her life and for the first time since 2001, she is ready to return to acting. Sharon Stone is shooting a TV series and she says that her children and family are the two most important things she has. The star of “Basic Instinct” has emphasized that she does not often leave her house. Everything he needs is there, his children, his partner, and the flower garden he adores. She is very lucky to be alive and given a second chance to live.

The artist has added that she has faced this health problem alone, hiding from the media for years because according to her, the latter is very cruel. Asked if she was ever sexually harassed during her career in Hollywood, Sharon laughed out loud, surprising all viewers.

The actress has shown that during her 40-year career she has seen everything and faced everything. She was single when she started modeling as a teenager, and such a career never comes without sacrifices or exploits.

This comment of hers has implied that Stone, like many other women in this industry, has experienced sexual, physical, and psychological abuse.

Sharon has also left her followers shocked as she revealed her latest health issue. It’s a tumor that needs to be removed and she shared how a misdiagnosis led to her going to a hospital and undergoing an operation she shouldn’t have had. Stone himself wrote:

I just found out I had another misdiagnosis and a wrong procedure.

She explained how she knew something was wrong and wasn’t going right. After the first operation, things were not improving. Instead, she explained what she had done. She told the whole situation:

As the pain worsened, I went for a second checkup.

But after that, she discovered to her surprise that she has a large fibroid tumor that needs to be removed. And in passing Stone made a suggestion.

Women in particular: don’t be insecure, get a second opinion. This could save your life.

She added that she will need to rest for about a month and a half.

I will be inactive for 4 to 6 weeks to fully recover.

Finally, the actress showed a sign of strength: “Thank you for your attention. All right,” next to an emoji of a muscular arm.

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