This man sends his dog to the lake every night to sleep for a few hours, the reason will make you cry

A man has attracted everyone’s attention because every day he swims his dog in the lake to get some sleep. The reason would surprise you.

His dog can’t sleep differently because he suffers from arthritis of the skull. His legs hurt a lot when he walks.

Schoep saved his life years ago when he was just a puppy. 

When I took him to the vet for the first time, they suggested that they kill him so that the dog would not feel pain, but the owner did not accept such a thing.

This is because the dog had earlier saved his life and now it was up to him to do something for him. Now he takes her to the lake every night to make her sleep.

In July 2012, Schoep took ill and was having difficulty moving around. Unger took him to the vet where the poor dog was diagnosed with severe arthritis and hip dysplasia, usually seen in elderly dogs. Schoep was in so much pain and the doctors said he may have to be euthanized soon. There wasn’t so much the medications could do anymore, Schoep was just too old and his condition too severe.

He is asked, “What does this dog mean to you?” He told her: “It can’t be described in words. When you give love, it comes back 10 times more. I just love it.”

Sadly, about a year later, Schoep passed away and Unger was deeply broken, but he finds solace in the fact that his dog, now resting amongst the stars, had brought so much happiness to the world. 

There are few such people who love and appreciate animals. Let’s share the news as much as possible so that people know the true love between a dog and a human.

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