Video Goes Viral Where Rapper DaBaby Attacks A Member Of His Group (VIDEO)

A video of rapper DaBaby appearing to punch the artist of his team Wisdom during a very hot showdown has gone viral, just two weeks after he shot a thief in the leg at his home in North Carolina.

After his performance at the Spring Jam 2022 event at the Colonial Life Arena on Friday, the artist was filmed getting involved in a heated argument.

The two musicians managed to shoot several fists at each other as they were filmed by the guests behind the scenes, before the video of their clash ended.

“I do not forgive violence, I was just there when it happened. @dababy had a strong reason. “I’m not taking his side, but I see why he did what he did, this was my video, but I took the whole video and I will tell you why @dababy did what he did,” wrote one participant.

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