What the doctors discovered about Celine Dion is sad

Due to a health problem, Celine Dion could not sing anymore and fans are praying for her.

However, she confessed that her ill health meant even more agony as soon as she broke the good news that her performances had resumed.

But Celine says she is still not in the right shape to perform and had to cancel her Courage World Tour.

“I was really expecting I would be able to leave by now, but I guess I need to be more patient and follow the regimen my doctors are prescribing,” Celine wrote in a heartfelt statement.

“Our concerts require a lot of planning and preparation, so we must make decisions now that will have an impact on plans in two months. As we all survive this pandemic, I will be extremely delighted to regain my health, and I am looking forward to returning to the stage. In the interim, I’ve been deeply moved by everyone’s supportive messages on social media. It means the world to me that I can feel your love and support. Celine X.

Celine did not mention her illness in her last public appearance, but it is known that she has been diagnosed with “severe and chronic muscle spasms.”

The artist seems to have the support of her children and sister, but she continues to have “a paranoid delusion” after the death of her husband Rene-Angelil. Apparently, she still hasn’t recovered from this loss. With the help and support of the Celine family, she hopes to return to the stage once again.

In the midst of her own breakdown, Celine said on Instagram, “It’s so vital to keep our mental health in the forefront.” Please treat yourself and others with kindness. Keep in mind that you are not by yourself. You can find assistance if you need it. Celine.”

We wish the singer a speedy recovery and eagerly await her return to the stage.

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