When the police see the photo of the bus driver holding the little boy by the hand, he immediately takes action.

Many children find it difficult to separate from their parents and going to school alone is very difficult for them. This is because they are not yet accustomed to this lifestyle.

Axel Johnson got a lot of stress when he started school. Amy took a picture of him laughing as he waited for the school bus to arrive.

But when it came time to get on the bus his face changed and he started crying. Apparently, the boy would not cope well with the separation from his mother.

Bus driver Isabel Lane completely changed the boy’s face. She told the boy that there is nothing wrong or scary to get on the bus with other children. Axel sat behind the driver and grabbed him by the arm. At this point, Amy also took a picture.

Isabel showed that at first, she was a man before she was a bus driver and worried about the feelings of others. She wanted Axel to know that he could always count on her.

Amy thought this was a very nice photo and posted it on Facebook. He did not think he would actually receive many positive comments.

In fact, the photo was shared by the police department where it received 2400 responses. Isabel did not expect the praise she got. “I did not think it was like that big of a deal personally. I guess this is something that I would do, ”she said.

The next day Axel was no longer afraid because he knew he could count on his girlfriend. He was all smiles and happy to be embarking on a new adventure.

Now he desperately expects to go to school. What we often need is just a small action to make someone happy.

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