Woman Ignored The Sign Given By The Food Thrown In Front Of The Door

A woman found some food scraps in front of the door of her house. At first, she thought someone might have made a joke but when the policeman told her what they meant she was surprised.

Maria Celino-Straker from Manchester (UK) on a typical day had an unpleasant surprise. Someone had thrown red beans in front of her door and when she saw this she thought some child was joking with her.

But the police officer explained that something else could be hidden behind this action. When he heard this the woman was surprised.

The woman purged them but this action remained in her mind. When she told her relatives she realized what had happened. A relative who was also a police officer explained that it was not just a gesture made out of pure amusement, but rather a sign as serious as possible.

According to him, food scraps or other things left in front of the house door are a sign that a thief has set his eyes on the house.

The thieves leave the garbage in front of the house and if they see that it has been removed it means that there are people in that house. If the waste is not removed, they are free to go and steal.

Frightened by this fact, Maria decided to share what happened to her on Facebook so that as many people as possible could see it.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Share with us your comments on Facebook

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