Woman Realized Dream Of Her Life Becoming Mother At 49, Negative Comments: You Made A Mistake You Are Too Old

A woman has fulfilled her eternal dream of becoming a mother after a sudden message from a distant relative, asking her if she would be interested in adopting her child.

 Chris Monsour, of Canal Winchester, Ohio, now 51, spent more than ten years trying to conceive and underwent two abortions before deciding to adopt a newborn baby. Chris was 49 when she and her husband adopted Ainsley, now two, in March 2020 and spent $ 19,000 on the process.

“When I met my husband, Clay, 47, I got pregnant very quickly, but I lost the baby at the age of three months. A doctor ended up telling me that I should stop trying and that I would never become a mother. “It was a big blow, but I was determined to focus on my work.”

For seven years, the desire to become a mother never left her mind and she often found herself holding on to the hope that she might still have a chance.

Then, one afternoon in 2019, a distant relative sent vague messages to see if Kris and Clay, an entrepreneur, were still interested in having children and if they would consider adoption. “We made the decision we would make, it was absolutely right.”

The couple was there every step of the way during the pregnancy and birth of baby Ainsley

“We were there every step of the way during pregnancy and childbirth. We were there for the ultrasound, and at the hospital when she was born, I even cut the cord. We left the hospital with Ainsley and formally adopted her in March 2020.

The process was long as there were many legal fees and we had to pay social services to come and do checks. So the overall adoption process cost about $ 19,500 total “

Chris’s small family has received all the support of her relatives and friends. But she has had reactions on social media from followers saying she is too old to be a mother and that she will die before she sees Ainsley’s greatest moments.

“My whole extended family and close relatives have welcomed Ainsley with open arms and we love the fact that she has so much love for her. As she grows older, we hope to explain in an age-appropriate way that she is adopted.

I shared my story through TikTok and many comments came out of nowhere saying that I was not suitable to become a mother, that I was too old, and that I was selfish. I have never seen it this way and know that a long life is never guaranteed, no matter how young or old you are.

 “I have some worries that I will not see some of Ainsley’s achievements, but we are getting everything laid out and trying to live and thrive within every moment.”

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