Woman Sued Casino After Winning $43 Million Jackpot And was Rejected For Machine Malfunction, In Return Was Offered Steak Dinner.

Katrina Bookman appears to have won $ 43 million on the Sphinx Slot Machine at Resorts World Casino in Queens, New York. This would be the record for the highest amount of money ever won on a slot machine in the US.

She immediately took a selfie with her phone thinking that this cast would change her life radically.

When Bookman went to ask for the prize a casino worker informed her that she really had won nothing. He just gave it a free steak supper and $ 2.25.

Her lawyer says she sued the casino. “Casino workers were able to ascertain that the amount shown on the penny slot was the product of an evident mal-function – a fact later validated by the New York State Gaming Commission,” Resorts World spokesperson Dan Bank said at the time.

Later the New York State Gaming Commission reported the machine included a notice that said, “Mal-functions nullify all payments and spins.”

Her lawyer has been trying for months for the casino to pay Bookman but has not reached out yet.

The casino’s explanations according to the lawyer are ridiculous. “It’s not possible to assert that a machine is broken because you wish it to be broken. Is this to imply that it was not inspected? Is this a sign that it wasn’t looked after ?, “CNNMoney spoke with Ripka. “If that’s the case, does it indicate that everybody who played before [Bookman] had no possibility of winning?”

Resorts World Casino is guilty of negligence and failure to remove machines that do not work. The lawyer says that all this case has put Bookman under psychological pressure and has cost him money. This is because the casino has denied him the right to win.

The lawyer demanded that this money be paid by the casino owner. This certainly did not happen.

This is not the first time this has happened with casinos. A 90-year-old grandmother spends $ 41 million on a penny slot machine. The court ruled that “the game’s regulations restricted winnings at $ 10,000 and did not enable extras.”

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