A firefighter rescues 8 puppies that are not dogs at all

Rescuing animals is very difficult and stressful. This is because they remain in very difficult places to catch.

To be saved, they need human help. Usually, they are placed in trees or in very narrow places. The present case is very special.

This is because the creatures were not what they thought.

Brian Vaughan received a call for emergency help. Eight puppies were stuck in a drain well. Those on the phone thought that the Lord had abandoned them in such a place.

20 minutes after the arrival of help, all the animals were rescued. They were unaffected and were sent to the Humane Rescue Organization in the Pikes Peak Region.

Only at that moment did they realize that they were not puppies at all. In actual fact, the black pups had become a bundle of red.

“One of the vets at the place said: ‘No, these are not labradors, they’re foxes,'” Vaughan explained to CBS in Denver

Foxes are very common in the area where the cubs were found. Travis Sauder, Colorado Parks, and Wildlife District Manager told CBS4 that he’s not surprised that the call was placed to the firemen. Nor that the foxes were found in the first place.

“This time of year there are a lot of animals that are starting to have their young, and they have them in small dens that are places that we can encounter when we’re recreating in the outdoors like we like to do,” Sauder said.

The little foxes will return to the place where they were found with the hope that their mother will come back to take them.

We hope that the foxes will return to their mother as soon as possible.

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