How Pitbull Saved His Owner’s Life From Poisonous Snake

Haley McCormack was walking on her porch in Tennessee one day when her dog Arlo saved her life. Harley had not noticed a poisonous snake hidden on the stairs of the house.

Arlo immediately intervened, biting his tail and shaking him from both sides. He escaped to the lady but was bitten several times in the face by the snake.

Haley was immediately taken to Nashville’s BluePearl Pet Hospital, where they gave her an anti-venom and another pain reliever.

His neck and face are still not in the same shape as before, but Arlo is recovering over time.

“It’s incredibly remarkable to realize how much dedication and love he had for me, to risk his own life for mine,” McCormack said. “We’re both fortunate to have each other.”

Unfortunately, Arlo was not the only one followed by the hospital’s veterinarians, there were other animals with snake bites in that area during the summer.

You should not be surprised by such actions of animals. They always show the unconditional love they have for us. Don’t you think so too? Share with us if you have any similar stories in the comments on Facebook.

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