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This Puppy Cries For A Reason That Will Touch Everyone’s Heart

Bonguu is a puppy that faced many different tragedies when he was only 9 months old. He had a family of his own.

In the family where he was, he got sick and the care of the puppies was neglected.

The family moved from the house over a period of time and did not take Bonguu with them. They tie it with a chain. Bonguu had been sobbing for many days but it was in vain.

This was until the moment when a 90-year-old woman tried to help him because there were days when he just cried.

When he was covered with a blanket for the first time, the puppy cried. This is because no one had taken care of him before.

Now he has been staying at home with the elderly woman for two weeks and seems very happy. Don’t you think so too? Share your comments with us on Facebook.

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