Shocking News That Celine Dion Shared With Fans 5 Years After Her Husband’s Death

Celine Dion, 53 years old, has created a reputation of her own by becoming a worldwide superstar. In addition, she has managed to build a good family.

But in her life, there were many tragedies that few people know about. When her husband Rene died of cancer in 2016 her world was turned upside down.

For a few years now, she and her children have been trying to live and get the positive things in life. In a recent interview, she shared some details of her life and the people she is dating.

Celine Dion was born on March 30, 1986, to two musician parents, Abdemar and Therese Dion. She was the youngest of 14 children.

At the age of 5, she started playing in her parents’ piano bar. But having 14 children in the family was not easy. She remembers that the clothes had to be used by each of the children in turn.

“I had to walk to and from school four times a day often in snowstorms that were quite common in my hometown of Charlemagne in Quebec, Canada.”

The problem with his teeth made him insecure.

“I remember not feeling my best or looking my best. I felt like a real outsider and didn’t have many friends at school, I just wanted to be at home with my brothers & sisters and my parents because that was my most comfortable zone. We didn’t have much money, but I never considered us to be poor because my parents were great survivors and they instilled that in me too,” she said.

But Celine was very talented and at the age of 12, her parents started a recording for Rene Angelil, who at that time managed the career of the well-known French singer Ginette Reno.

She sang a song that her parents had written and Rene invited her to the audition. He liked what he heard and this was the beginning of success.

“She was this homely little kid named Celine Dion. The mother did all the talking, and the girl never said a word,” Rene Angelil recalled.

“Then she started singing into a pencil, pretending it was a microphone. And what I heard was enough to make me cry. I heard a special voice like I had never heard before.”

Rene decided to make a 12-year-old girl, very weak in body and with crooked teeth, a superstar. He decided to leave every other client and deal only with Celine’s career.

But success did not come immediately. She became famous in 1988 when she represented Switzerland in Eurovision. She won by only a point difference from the United Kingdom.

She had hits like My Heart Will Go On, Because You Loved Me, The Power of Love and Where Does My Heart Beat Now, she established herself as one of the biggest stars of the 1990s and 2000s.

She won a Grammy Award for her 1991 version of Beauty and the Beast and won an Academy Award. Six years later, she won the Academy Award for Best Original Song with My Heart Will Go On.

Rene and Celine started dating in 1987 and got engaged in 1991. The marriage took place in 1994 and he died in 2000. He was reborn in Las Vegas.

René’s belief in Céline and her career was so strong that he remortgaged his house to finance her first record. They stayed together through thick and thin and had three children.

In 199 Celine received the worst news of her life when she was told that her husband had throat cancer. Rene Angelil was 26 years older. She took care of him during his illness.

5 years after they fought and lost the fight with the disease. The singer would receive another blow from the death of her brother from cancer similar to her husband’s.

Losing your loved one is one of the worst experiences that can happen to you. She put everything she felt into the song Recovering.

The song, written by artist Pink, was performed for the first time by Céline Dion at the “Stand Up To Cancer” gala. Dion chose to dedicate the song to her late husband.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, she and her children spent a lot of time together.

Dion had planned a European tour but was canceled due to the pandemic. “The tour was canceled. The whole world shut off and it was different, but for us, we were very fortunate,” she said.

Today, five years after the loss of her husband, she says, “Losing my husband, for my kids to lose their father, it was quite something,” she said.

“I feel like René has given me so much through the years and still today. I see my kids, I look at them — we live with him. We still live with him. He’s part of our lives every day, so I have to say that I feel very, very strong.”

She also said that she doesn’t lack someone to go on a date with in her life, but she feels the lack a partner. The love she needs is provided by her children, so she is not in a relationship.

“I don’t know. I have no idea,” she told Today. “But right this second, love is so big right now in my life, with my kids, with life itself. I’m not thinking about

As soon as everything is normalized, everything will be excellent at her concert. “It’s going to be about an energy, about starting again, about living again, about feeling that something will come out of this, hopefully,” she said. “It’s about a moment.”

Celina has been through a lot in her life and we are happy that she and her children are recovering from the losses they have suffered. We thank her for the inspiring music she has given us all these years. Thank you!

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